Swedish ingenuity has led to this patented bedbug killing technology. InsectoSec Tape is an effective bed bug treatment with a unique use for a natural insecticide. It uses an understanding of the pests behaviour to control or prevent bed bugs with no interference with day to day life in the bedroom.

The product: InsectoSec® bed bug barrier tape is simply applied to the underside of the bedframe and then left. With no need for maintenance it can be left in place and gives peace of mind that those sleeping in the bed are protected from the constant risk of bedbug infestation.

  • Self adhesive tape makes it easy to apply
  • Easy to cut paper means it can be adjusted to fit any size or shape bedframe
  • Fully approved for use in UK to control bedbugs
  • Long lasting effect once installed
  • Safe to use around the house allowing uninterrupted use of any room in which it is used

How to use: InsectoSec® Tape should be stuck to the underside of the bed frame and headboard, forming a complete barrier. The tape is stuck by removing the protective film covering the glue, and can be cut to any size with scissors.

The InsectoSec® Tape can be checked regularly to ensure it still contains enough powder. Sections which have had all of the powder used up can be cut out and replaced with sections of new tape.

InsectoSec Tape pack contains 12 meters of product. Bed frames will vary in size depending on design. As a guide below are the measurements around the outside of UK standard mattresses:

    Single = 5.6m Queen = 6.2m Double = 6.5m King = 7m Super King = 7.6m