The problem: Germinate and then protect young plants in one place removing the work of transplanting seedlings from trays into the soil.

The product: This roof converts Andermatt Garden Slug collars into micro-greenhouses. UV-stabilized clear plastic allows light to reach the plant whilst strong enough to be used year after year. The ventilated design allows air flow and water penetration to support good plant

growth. The micro-greenhouse gives improved germination and early growth whilst protecting from various pests, wind, heavy rainfall, frost and hail.  

  • Grow seeds straight in the ground removing need for transplanting.
  • Simple to use and maintenance free
  • Ventilated design allows water and airflow without needing to remove

How to use: Place the roof on top of Andermatt Garden Slug collars after sowing. Remove the roof when plants outgrow the micro-greenhouse and during high summer temperatures. Compatible with all Andermatt Garden 13 cm diameter Slug collars.