The problem: Ants are annoying. There are many different species of ants, some can bite and sting, but mostly they are simply a problem because they are irritating to have around. Living in underground nests consisting of lots of tunnels, until disturbed they are often unnoticed. Nests are frequently found when soil, paving or walls is disturbed.

Ants can also be a problem by eating freshly sown small seeds or allowing aphids to thrive on fruit by protecting them from predators.

The product: Beneficial nematodes are naturally occurring micro-scopic worms and predators of ants. Colonies of ants will not tolerate these predators in their nests. Social insects, such as ants, constantly clean nest areas removing predators and parasites. However, if the number of predators becomes too high they move their nest. Drenching a nest with MightyNem No Ants introduces a high number of nematodes to a nest forcing the ants to move.

  • Treats up to 10 square meters of soil or 10 nests
  • Can be used on all types of ants
  • Easy to use; best applied in a watering can directly to ant nests
  • Does not contain chemical pesticides
  • Suitable for organic growing

How to use: Product contains living nematodes and should be used as soon as possible. Fresh is best!

Store package in fridge (4°C) until use. Do not freeze.

  1. If applying with a watering, mix contents of pack in a bucket containing 1.5 L of water.
  2. Add one third of the bucket contents to a watering can and fill the watering can with additional water.
  3. Apply to one third of the area to be treated through a coarse rose or with the rose removed. Best results are achieved when the nematodes are applied directly to the ant nests and washed down the tunnels deep into the nest. Repeat the above two steps until all product is used.
  4. After applying nematodes, additional water should be applied to the treated area to wash nematodes into the nests.
  5. Use the entire pack in one go. Do not store opened packs or made up solutions.
  6. Soil should be kept moist for 2 weeks after application to help the nematodes work.