The problem: 

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is one of the greatest pleasures of gardening. Whether is a a few containers, vegetable patch or larger allotment there are a wide number of plants that can be grown to eat. Then there are an even wider number of pest insects which try and feed on them before you get to eat them. Looking after the needs of lots of different plants, and identifying which pest is attacking which plant is a challenge.  


The product: 

MightyNem® Fruit and Vegetable contains a mix of two different specieis of natural beneficial nemtodes to give the combined benefit. By having nematode species which can target different pest insects there is no need to struggle identifying whcih insect is causing the problem, as be it fly or caterpillar the product will work well against both. The beneficial nematode Steinernema feltiae is the best nematode to control flies (e.g. carrot root fly), whereas the other nematode species in the product Steinernema carpocapsae is the best nematode against caterpillars (e.g. cabbage whites). If a range of plants are being grown, the different plants can be under attack from a range of pests and so a range of nematode predators to protect your fruit and vegetable plants is a better solution.


How to use: 

MightyNems come as a water dispersible powder in a small plastic sachet. The aim is to mix them in water and then apply evenly over the area with your fruits and vegetables.

- Upon delivery keep in a fridge (4°C) until use. Do not freeze. Use before expiry date shown on the pack.
- Open the pack and mix the nematodes into a bucket of water.
- Add one third of the bucket contents to the sprayer or watering can to be used for application. Fill with water.
- Keeping the equipment adjusted throughout application to prevent the nematodes settling. Apply the contents onto one third of the area to be treated.

MightyNem® Fruit and Vegetable should be used at a rate of 1 million nematodes per square meter.

Chemical compatibility. We recommend not using chemicals which are known to harm mites or small insects at the same time as MightyBugs. Chemical pesticides often are not specific in what they kill and they can harm beneficial insects at the same time as the pests they are being used against.