The problem: When growing potted plants indoors there are a number of flying insects which can live on or around the plant. This can include whitefly, aphid and small black flies such as Sciarids. At low numbers they can be a nuisance, even if they are not causing significant direct damage to the plants being nurtured. 

The product: Yellow sticky traps attract flying insects with the combination of bright yellow card and black line patterns. The card is covered in ‘dry’ glue on which the insects become trapped. The glue is non-toxic and odour free. The Mini Yellow Sticky Traps have been specifically designed for use indoors allowing discrete placement in individual pots and containers to protect individual plants. The traps are made from card and the stand holders are wooden making this a plastic free product.

Mini Yellow Sticky Traps do not contain any pesticides and are safe to children and pets.

  • Highly attractive shade of yellow
  • Designed to not fade when exposed to sunlight and heat
  • Does not contain chemical pesticides
  • Easy to setup with no maintenance required

How to use:

Mini Yellow Sticky Traps should be placed in areas around plants to be protected.

  1. Remove the protective white cover sheet from both sides of one sticky card.
  2. Use one sticky card on one stand holder.
  3. Pass the long end of the stand holder through a hole at one end of the sticky card. Slide the sticky card up the stand holder until the top of the stand holder can be passed through a second hole at the other end of the sticky card.
  4. Place the stand holder into the soil in a pot, keeping the sticky card a few centimetres above the ground.
  5. Ensure the sticky card is clear from plant leaves to allow insects to see it.
  6. Replace the sticky card when full of trapped insects. Sticky cards and stand holders are compostable after use.