The problem: Bed bugs or bedbugs (Cimex spp.) are an increasingly common problem with accurate early detection and treatment the best way to control them. Their nocturnal activity and ability to stay hidden for long periods of time between host feeds makes them difficult to identify. They are also highly transmissible between locations, giving a constant risk of introduction. When they are present, the ideal conditions around sleeping areas can result in very rapid population growth.

The product: Nattaro Scout bed bug lures have a unique mix of bed bug attractants, to be used in the patented trap from which they cannot escape once caught. Accurate monitoring for the presence is the first and most important step of managing bed bugs. Correct identification of early stages of infestation allows early intervention.

  • Set of two traps and attractants for monitoring presence of bed bugs (reusable traps, refills available separately)
  • Nattaro Scout is the most accurate bed bug monitoring trap, allowing confirmation of presence of bed bugs and the need for treatment
  • No mess or glue and unaffected by dust. Bed bugs are unable to escape once caught
  • Patented design.

How to use: Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Monitors can be used in any area where bed bugs may be active (primarily sleeping areas).

  1. Open the trap by sliding the grey volcano out from the grey clip, then twist the white base to release from the grey volcano.
  2. Open a white lure sachet and remove the clear plastic lure. Place the clear plastic lure on top of the white base, there is no need to open the lure, the attractant is designed to pass through the plastic capsule.
  3. Twist the white base back into the bottom of the grey volcano. Slide the volcano back into the grey clip.
  4. Traps should be used at a rate of two per bed.
  5. The traps should be checked regularly for bed bugs. To check the contents of the trap, slide the grey volcano out from the clip and examine the white base for the presence of bed bugs.