The problem:
Slugs are a devastating pest of gardens. Eating a wide variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Active at night and especially in wet conditions, they can destroy an area of plants in a very short period of time. They have the ability to remain hidden within the soil until they surface to attack plants. Slugs however live in our garden ecosystem, which they share with other wildlife, our pets and ourselves and families enjoying our garden. They are also an important food source for soe of that garden wildlife including, birds, hedgehogs, frogs and toads. Whilst the slugs may be a problem, it is important to look after other users of our gardens. .

The product:
Nemaslug has been developed and manufactured in the UK.
The product contains a naturally occurring nematode species Phasmarhabditis californica, a natural parasite of slugs. Applying Nemaslug to your garden or allotment simply temporarily boosts the natural population of these beneficial nematodes to control the slugs. A challenge with controlling slugs is that they are most active around periods of wet weather, which is when you need your slug control to work. Nemaslug works best in wet conditions, which is when the sligs are most active. The ability of the nematodes to move through the soil to hunt the slugs is also an advantage of slug killing nematodes over products which rely on attracting the slugs to a bait. In addition to the high level for control of slugs, especially those less than 8cm in length, is the safety of Nemaslug to wildlife and animals also in your garden. Wildlife coming into contact with Nemaslug in your garden, be it accidentally or as with frogs, birds and hedgehogs predating on slugs infected with nematodes, the product will not harm them..

How to use:

  • Nemaslug 2.0 is simply mixed into water and applied to the soil around the plants you wish to protect. This can be done for example in a watering can or hose end sprayer, depending on the area being treated and what equipment is available.
  • Nemaslug should be applied in enough water to wash the beneficial nematodes into the soil where the slugs are living, typically 1 litre per square meter.
  • Once applied to the soil, the natural nematodes in Nemaslug will move through the soil to hunt and infect slugs. Once infected the slugs stop feeding and eventually die. The reduction in new slug feeding will be the first effect of having used Nemaslug after 1 to 3 days. Infected slugs then move into the soil where they will die up to 10 days after being infected, because infected slugs move into the soil to die you are unlikely to find infected slugs in your garden.
  • After applying Nemaslug it is important to keep the soil nice and moist so that the nematodes do not dry out and they can still move through the moisture in the soil to hunt the slugs. With moist soil Nemaslug will continue to work for 4 to 6 weeks after application.