What are slug nematodes?

Nematodes are round worms found naturally in the soil. Different nematodes kill different insects, some nematodes kill slugs. The nematode in Nemaslug® specifically kills slugs.

Is Nemaslug® suitable for use in organic gardening?

Yes. Nemaslug® 2.0 is approved for use in organic systems in the UK by the Soil Association.

How is Nemaslug® sent to me?

If you order Nemaslug® by itself, it’s sent by Royal Mail Frist Class service and will be delivered Monday to Saturday. Our packaging is designed to fit through a standard letter box so if you are not in, your postie will be able to deliver it to you. 

What pack sizes does Nemaslug® come in?

Nemaslug® is available in two sizes:

Small = 40 square meters. This can be used to treat an area for example 5 x 8 meters (5x8=40).

Large = 100 square meters. This can be used to treat an area for example 10 x 10 meters (10x10=100, or 5x20, or 2x50 etc.).

Applying a pack to an area smaller than the maximum area suggested will not risk harming your plants.

What is Phasmarhabditis californica?

Every species on Earth has a unique scientific name in latin. Phasmarhabditis californica is the latin name given to the beneficial nematode within the Nemaslug® 2.0 product.   

Why use Nemaslug® 2.0 to control slugs?

Nemaslug® 2.0 gives effective natural control of pest slugs without harming wildlife, plants or pets using your garden.

Why is Nemaslug® kept in the fridge?

Nemaslug®, as with all of our MightyBugs and MightyNem products, contains living organisms. They can only feed when they find a slug—until then they rely on their body fat for energy. Storing Nemaslug® in a fridge keeps the nematodes inactive, preserving their energy and keeping them in the best condition until you want to use them.

Nemaslug® can be stored in the fridge, so why do you advise “Fresh is best”?

Whilst Nemaslug® (and all of our MightyNem nematodes) can be stored in a fridge for a few weeks, since they are living organisms using them fresh is always best.  It is therefore better to order them near to the time when you plan to use them. Andermatt aim to despatch same day with next day delivery to help our customers have the product when they need it.

What is the difference between Nemaslug® and Nemaslug® 2.0?

The two products are similar in their appearance, the way they are used, and their effectiveness against garden slugs. Where the products are different is the species of slug-killing nematode they contain. The original Nemaslug® contained the nematode species Phasmarhabditis hermpahordita, whereas the newer Nemaslug® 2.0 contains the nematode species Phasmarhabditis californica.

Why does Nemaslug® 2.0 contain a different nematode species to Nemaslug®?

Both products look similar, kill the same garden slug species and are equally effective. The nematode species was changed to improve the reliability of nematode production and therefore nematode supply.  

Will the nematodes escape into my fridge whilst I store them?

No. When using natural predators, fresh is best and so it is best to order the natural predators to arrive when you intend to use them. Nemaslug® can however be stored in a fridge for a few days until use. Whilst in a cool fridge they will remain dormant waiting to be warmed up, so they will not escape from their pack into your fridge.

Is Nemaslug® safe to wildlife in my garden?

Yes. Nemaslug® is a very target-specific predator which will only infect slugs. It won’t affect other wildlife it comes into contact with. It’s also safe to slug-feeding animals such as bird, frogs and hedgehogs, should they eat a slug which has been infected with Nemaslug®.

Is Nemaslug® safe to pets in my garden

Yes. Nemaslug® is safe to pets, should they be accidentally sprayed with Nemaslug®, roll around in soil treated with it, or eat plants sprayed with Nemaslug®.

Can I apply too much Nemaslug®?

No. It is not possible to over apply Nemaslug®.

Should Nemaslug® be mixed with tap or rainwater?

Nemaslug® can be applied with either tap or rainwater. Rather than the type of water used, the most important factor is how much water Nemaslug® is applied in. Nemaslug® should be applied in enough water to evenly treat the intended area and then wash the nematodes down into the soil.

How often do I have to apply Nemaslug®?

This depends on how many slugs there are. Unfortunately, the battle against slugs is a constant and ongoing one. In wet, warm periods, or on sites with a slug history or very susceptible plants, applications as frequently as every 6 weeks may be needed. In hot dry periods a single application either in spring or autumn to knockdown the slug population may be enough.

Why doesn’t Nemaslug® kill large slugs?

Nemaslug® infects slugs through the breathing pore on the mantle of the slug. In larger slugs, this breathing pore is further from the ground and therefore more difficult for the nematodes to reach. Larger slugs also spend less time within the soil, and so have less time in contact with the nematodes.

Will I ever see a slug infected with Nemaslug® 2.0?

In laboratory conditions, it’s possible to identify infected slugs due to a swelling of the mantle. However, this is unlikely to be seen in your garden. Once slugs are infected and become ill, they move down into the soil where they will not be found.

What is the difference between Nemaslug® and Nemaslug® 2.0?

Both products were produced by the same company, and both products do the same job of killing slugs. The two products contain different nematode species. The original Nemaslug® contained Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita, the newer product Nemaslug® 2.0 contains Phasmarhabditis californica. Both of these nematode species are naturally-occurring predators of slugs.