The problem:

Access to nitrogen drives plant growth. A shortage of nitrogen availability is a common nutrient deficiency in plants which slows growth and can lead to discolouration. Nitrogen drives photosynthesis and a healthy green appearance of plant foliage.  

The product:

Nitro-Boost is a straight Nitrogen liquid fertiliser, meaning it contains only Nitrogen. Its cutting edge and highly controlled manufacturing process makes Nitro-Boost unique in that it is an organic liquid fertiliser containing only Nitrogen and, at 10%, a lot of it.

Compacted to high energy demanding synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, being manufactured from a plant waste stream, makes Nitro-Boost a more sustainable nitrogen fertilizer. Nitro-Boost also contains lower salt levels than synthetically manufactured nitrogen fertilisers such as those containing ammonium nitrate making it better for both your plants and the soil biology.

Packaged in a convenient 30ml bottle with an easy to use dosing pump, Nitro-Boost is ideal for use around the house even if you only have a few plants. It is not only the fertiliser that has been designed to be better for the environment, the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and is recyclable.

How to use:

Ideal for use on any plant that will benefit from more nitrogen to support healthy growth and deep vibrant green foliage.
Use the pump to squirt the required amount directly into the plant mister or watering can (6 squirts per 100 ml). Shake to mix and then either spray directly onto the plant leaves for the most rapid uptake or water into the soil to allow the plant to take up the nitrogen food more slowly through its roots. Apply to the plant weekly, or as needed, whilst the plant is growing.

Easy to use, mess free pump, makes it simple to use. Only make up what you need when you need it, giving you greater flexibility and no waste. The 30 ml bottle makes up 3L.