Store below 30°C. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Protect from direct sunlight. Store upright in original container.
Shelf life
See use by date on packaging. Product cannot be stored after mixing with sugar.
Use Product should be used as a winter treatment.
Important information Oxuvar 5.7% is registered for use with VMD in the UK for treatment of varroosis on honey bees due to varroa mites Marketing authorisation number: Vm: 36234/4001. Avoid direct contact with product. When handling the product, wear chemical resistant gloves
Active substance and content Oxuvar 5.7% contains 41.0 mg/ml Oxalic acid (equal to 57.4 mg oxalic acid dihydrate)
Product size Packaging size, 275 g: TBC Packaging size, 1 kg: TBC