The problem: Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is an increasing problem in UK honey bee hives. This bee parasite lives on the bees and within the hives feeding on the bees. Attack from varroa mite can weaken bees making them less able to do their job and support the colony, it also makes the bees more susceptible to disease. Hives with significant infestation levels of varroa will produce less honey, be in poorer condition and are less likely to survive through winter. 

The product: Oxuvar 5.7% can be mixed with sugar and used as a trickle application for winter treatment against varroa mite.

  • Registered for use in UK with VMD
  • Less bee disturbance than spray application
  • Longer lasting effect than spray applications
  • Formulated to give a lower dose of oxalic acid dihydrate better suited to our cooler UK climate

How to use:

Trickle applications of Oxuvar 5.7% should be made during autumn/winter to broodless colonies whilst outdoor temperatures are between +5 and -15¬įC. Oxuvar 5.7% is prepared into a ready-to-use (just add sugar) 3.5% oxalic acid dihydrate trickling solution.

  1. Pre-warm the oxalic acid dihydrate solution bottle in a water bath (30-35¬įC).
  2. Remove from the water bath, open the sealed container and add the required amount of sugar (1:1 ratio): Add 275 g sugar to the 275g Oxuvar bottle OR Add 1 kg sugar to the 1 kg Oxuvar bottle 
  3. Close the container and shake until the sugar is dissolved.
  4. Apply the solution whilst it is still lukewarm.
  5. Apply a maximum of 50 ml per hive (3-4 ml per occupied row for small hives [National or WBC] or 5-6 ml per occupied row for larger hives [Danant])

Note: If warmer temperatures are being experienced (above 8¬įC) a spray application of Oxuvar 5.7% may be more suitable.