The problem: Adult plum moth (Grapholita funebrana) lay their eggs on plums. After hatching, caterpillars burrow into the fruit ruining it. Adults are active from May onwards and fly mostly during warm evenings. Trapping and monitoring adult plum moths allows a user to understand the size of the pest population and, if necessary, take action before caterpillars destroy the fruit.

The product: The pack contains everything needed to monitor plum moth through one growing season. The sticky trap contains a plum moth specific pheromone lure to attract moths. This pheromone is a natural scent produced by female moths to attract a male mate. Once adult moths are attracted to the trap, they become stuck in the glue on the sticky insert. The pheromone is specific to plum moth, therefore minimising catches of non-target insects. One trap will cover an area of up to 5 average sized trees with a range of 15m.

  • Pesticide free.
  • Specific to plum moth.
  • Trap can be reused in future years with additional refill packs.

How to use:

  1. Construct the trap as shown on contained instructions.
  2. Place one pheromone lure in the middle of a sticky insert.
  3. Place the sticky insert with the sticky side facing upwards inside the trap.
  4. Hang the trap from a tree branch at head height in a tree the direction the wind normally blows from.
  5. The trap should be checked weekly to monitor moth population and, if high numbers of plum moth are trapped remove them to clear space for more to be caught.
  6. After 6 weeks replace both the sticky insert and pheromone lure with the replacement in the pack.