The problem: Carrot fly is a common pest of carrots as well as other related crops such as parsnip, celery, parsley, celeriac, fennel and coriander. Adult flies lay eggs in the soil around growing carrots. After hatching larvae burrow into the carrot roots to feed forming tunnels in the roots and making them inedible.

The product: Plastic sticky trap in a specific shade of orange to attract and trap adult carrot root flies. The trap is coated with a glue that is designed to stay wet whatever the weather ensuring reliable performance year-round.

  • Trap adult flies before they lay their eggs.
  • Identify size of pest population and risk to crop.
  • Identifying when adult flies are active allows accurate application of other pest control products.

How to use: Place traps in the crop before adult flies are expected to be active, peak activity is normally May and September. Traps should be attached to a vertical pole (not provided) 80 cm above the ground. Traps should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. After use, traps can be cleaned with a solvent and reused. After cleaning, new insect trap glue should be applied. Andermatt UK recommends using Tangle-Trap glue with Rebell® traps.