The problem: Apple sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea) are a common pest of apples with larvae burrowing under the skin ruining the fruit. Plum sawfly (H. flava) are a common pest of plums, similarly larvae burrow under the skin of the fruit causing the tree to drop the fruit before harvest. Adults of these pests are active around blossom time before laying their eggs on young fruit. 

The product: Plastic sticky trap has been designed with non-UV reflective white colour to increase attraction of target pests and minimise attraction of non-target beneficial organisms and pollinators. The plastic has an integrated UV-filter to protect the colour to ensure the specific shade of white does not fade over time and the glue is designed to remain sticky whatever the weather ensuring reliable performance.

  • Trap adult flies before they lay their eggs.

How to use: Construct the 3D structure by clipping two halves together. Traps should be hung from a horizontal branch in the fruit tree at the same height as blossom is expected. Place traps in the crop just before blossom when the adult flies will be active normally in April and May.

After use, traps can be cleaned with a solvent and reused. After cleaning, new insect trap glue should be applied. Andermatt UK recommends using Tangle-Trap glue with Rebell® traps.