The problem:
Potatoes are hungry plants! The size and number of potatoes a plant creates for you to harvest depends on the plant ability to feed this hunger. It is the development of the plants root structure which determines how much water and nutrition the potato plant can utilise as it grows through the year. Helping initial root development is key to growing healthy plants and producing a bountiful potato harvest. 

The product:
Rootiliser Potato Mist is powered by Rootiliser natural beneficial bacteria. With Rootilizer beneficial bacteria used by commercial British potato growers to increase yield, Rootiliser Potato Mist has been created as an easy to use form for the hobby grower. As the potato seeds sprout, the naturally occurring Rootiliser bacteria spread along the plant roots as the potato plant grows. Rootiliser bacteria (Bacillus atropheus strain ABi05) naturally live in the soil, able to grow at soil temperatures down to 8°C, they are ideally suited to lower temperatures experienced here in the UK in late winter and early spring when potato seeds are planted. Supporting the early plant growth during these lower temperatures is key to a strong healthy plant producing a high yield of potatoes.
Rootiliser bacteria grow on and around the potato plant roots. Both the potato plant and the bacteria benefit from this companionship, with the bacteria feeding on waste sugars released by the potato plant and the potato plant benefiting from extra nutrients the bacteria make available in the soil. Rootiliser bacteria help the hungry potato plants extract more of the natural nutrition from the soil. Studies with British commercial potato growers and Tesco have also shown that potato plants inoculated with Rootiliser can take up more of any artificial fertiliser applied to the plants. All of this helps produce bigger potatoes and higher yield.

How to use:

What better way to help a potato plant than to apply a product to the seed so you can be sure that what you are using gets to where it needs to be.
Rootiliser Potato Mist is sprayed out of the bottle directly onto the potato seeds when chitting. This ensures that the bacteria are present and ready to go when you plant out the chitted seed. Apart from spraying Rootiliser onto the potato seeds at chitting, you do everything else as you would normally, then watch your potato plant take off and wait for the results at harvest.
Each seed receives approximately 8 squirts (depending on the size of the seed), just enough to make the potato seed surface damp. The 30ml bottle of Rootiliser Potato Mist will treat up to 60 potato seeds. Any remaining Rootiliser isnt wasted, it can be added to a watering can with water and drenched onto either the potato plants (or any other root vegetables you have) four weeks after planting.