The problem:
Taking cuttings is a skill, but even with practice whether they take or not can sometimes still be a guessing game. Sowing seeds is similar, how many of those sown will get past the first leaf stage, The early growth and establishment of any plant is when they are most vulnerable, helping initial root development is key to growing healthy plants. 

The product:
Rootiliser Rooting and Seeding Powder is powered by Rootiliser natural beneficial bacteria. Not only is there the dry powder to encourage initial root growth, but the Rootiliser beneficial bacteria link to the young roots and will stay with the plant as a companion long after the cutting or seedling has been transplanted.
Rootiliser are naturally occurring bacteria (Bacillus atropheus strain ABi05) which live in the soil. They like to grow on and around plant roots. Both the plant and the bacteria benefit from this companionship, with the bacteria feeding on waste sugars released by the plant and the plant benefiting from extra nutrients the bacteria make available in the soil. Rootiliser bacteria help make more nutrition from the soil available for the plant to feed on and help the plant create a bigger root system, both of which lead to healthier plants.

How to use:

Rootiliser Rooting and Seeding Powder can be used as a dip when taking cuttings, to dress a seedbed or furrow when sowing and as a seed treatment dusting before sowing. When using to help cutting establishment take a plant cutting with a sharp clean blade. Ensure you keep the cutting standing in water until use to prevent the wound drying out and closing. When ready to plant, dip the bottom 3cm of the cutting into the Rootiliser Rooting Powder. Place the cutting into a pre-made hole in suitable growing media and maintain high humidity to encourage rooting. When using to dress a seedbed or furrow, lightly dust the compost before sowing. When using as a seed treatment add a little Rootiliser Powder to a container along with the seeds and shake. Ensure good even coverage of the seeds, and then plant as normal.