The problem: Slugs and snails are common pests of many plants. Almost impossible to eradicate from an area, instead use Slug collars to simply protect the plants which need it.

The product: Reusable physical barrier to prevent slug and snail damage. An internal diameter of 28 cm makes them suitable for large individual plants or groups of smaller plants (e.g. Hostas), salads, vegetables and even any supporting canes.

Made from stylish aluminium which has been treated so that they can be used repeatedly over many years. Specifically designed angles and edges prevent slugs and snails climbing over them. The high sided design helps floppy leaves point upwards away from the soil whilst not damaging leaf stems. Slug collars also help with targeted watering by keeping water in the soil around the roots.

  • Physical barrier preventing slug attack
  • Simple to use and maintenance free
  • Suitable for any plant attacked by slugs or snails
  • Easy to clean and highly durable metal design

How to use: Ensure the soil is flat then place in the ground around small plants early in the season or at sowing. Ensure lip remains 5 cm above the soil surface. Slug collars can stay in place through the year. Does not restrict plant growth; foliage can grow over the top and roots underneath.