The problem:Ā 

Slugs and snails are one of the biggest pests in the garden. Always moving, quick to reproduce and when feeding only a few can cause a lot of damage.


The product:Ā 

SlugLessĀ® acts as a natural barrier, constantly on guard to protect your plants from slug and snail attack. The dry spikey surface of the SlugLessĀ® irritates slugs and snails with added Biochar so that they do not cross it. Completely natural, and made from British straw, it is safe to both pets and wildlife.
Constructed into dry pellets for easier, more environmentally sustainable transport, once applied to the soil surface they expand to cover the ground in a barrier slugs and snails will not cross. The natural straw of SlugLessĀ® breaks down through a growing season adding nutrients and organic material to the soil.


How to use:Ā 

The aim is to create a complete protective crust covering the soil around the plants to be protected.
Spread SlugLessĀ® pellets over the soil around the fruit, vegetable or ornamental flowers to be protected. Add water (or let the rain do it for you) which will cause the pellets to expand.