The problem: 

Wasps are often an unwanted nuisance when attracted to our food and drink. Baited traps from which they can not escape can be used to keep them away from interrupting outdoor activities.


The product: 

Tap Trap is a flexible wasp trap. Once connected to any standard drink bottle (not supplied) it converts that bottle into a wasp trap which can either be hung or stood. The compact design of the Tap Trap means that it can easily be transported, ideal for camping or caravanning trips.


How to use: 

Simply clip it onto the top of any standard neck drink bottle to convert the bottle into a wasp and hornet trap. Commonly used with 500 ml drinks bottles, but the strong clip can hold larger bottles.
  • Remove the lid from the empty drink bottle.
  • Add any liquid wasp attractant to the bottle.
  • Clip the Tap Trap onto the top of the drink bottle.
  • Hang or stand the trap and wait for it to collect wasps and hornets.
  • Once the trap is full of insects, the bottle can either be emptied and reused or the Tap Trap attached to a new bottle.