The problem: Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is an increasing problem in UK honey bee hives. This bee parasite lives on the bees and within the hives feeding on the bees. Attack from varroa mite can weaken bees making them less able to do their job and support the colony, it also makes the bees more susceptible to disease. Hives with significant infestation levels of varroa will produce less honey, be in poorer condition and are less likely to survive through winter. 

The product: Thymovar® are cellulose sponge strips containing 15g Thymol, a natural plant oil. Thymol is toxic to varroa mite but not bees therefore kills the mite parasites without harming the bees.

  • Registered for use in UK with VMD
  • Solid sponge with integrated netting for stability
  • Easy to apply, simply lay strips within the hive

How to use:

Thymovar® should be used after honey harvest.   

  1. Remove honey frames for harvest.
  2. Provide bees with enough food for the treatment duration of 4 weeks.
  3. Remove Thymovar® strips from packaging, they can be broken in half for easier placement.
  4. Position strips within 4-10cm of the brood cells. Ensure there is 1-2 cm above the strips to allow for good evaporation. The number of strips to be applied will depend on the size of hive (see product label).
  5. Remove the strips after 3-4 weeks. Pause for 1 week to allow replenishing of food then start the second treatment.

Note: If temperatures are expected to be more than 30°C start with a lower dose and then complete the dose after 3-7 days.

Thymovar works with a delayed action, increased fall of Varroa will only be observed after 2 days of being placed in the hive.