The problem: Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is an increasing problem in UK honey bee hives. This bee parasite lives on the bees and within the hives feeding on the bees. Attack from varroa mite can weaken bees making them less able to do their job and support the colony, it also makes the bees more susceptible to disease. Hives with significant infestation levels of varroa will produce less honey, be in poorer condition and are less likely to survive through winter. 

The product: Varroa EasyCheck (Veto-Pharma) is a tool for measuring the level of varroa infestation within a colony to support decisions on whether varroa treatments need to be applied.

  • Measure level of varroa mite within a colony
  • Quicker and more accurate than counting mite drop
  • Identify when varroa action thresholds are reached
  • Support decisions for more efficient use of varroa treatment products

How to use:

  1. Varroa EasyCheck can be used throughout the year to count the number of varroa mites on a sample of the colony.   
  2. Collect 200 or 300 bees from a colony in the inner basket (marked lines identify number of bees required).
  3. Add car windscreen wash (or other alcohol containing cleaning fluid) to the line.
  4. Screw closed the lid.
  5. Shake for 60 seconds to separate the mites from bees.
  6. Count the number of varroa through the clear base or after removing the inner basket.
  7. Record number of varroa to allow comparison of pest pressure over time.