Store Store the device in the hard-shell protective case and ensure that when it is stored it is clean and dry.
Shelf life The Varrox EDDY battery pack may reduce in capacity with age. To ensure that the battery life is sustained, always charge the battery fully and ensure that the battery is not stored for more than 2 months with anything lower than 75% power.
Use Product can be used year round to apply oxalic acid dihydrate crystal products to the bee hive.
Important information When using the Varrox EDDY, always follow the instructions and wear the correct PPE to ensure safe application of oxalic acid dihydrate products to your hive. Always wear acid resistant gloves, protective eyewear and a protective particle mask of at least
Active substance and content Used to apply oxalic acid dihydrate crystal products
Product size Packaging size: 30 x 20 x 16 cm