The problem: Weeds reduce the growth of fruit and vegetable plants by competing for light, water and nutrients. Constant weeding is needed to keep them to a minimum. Uncovered soil can rapidly loose its moisture leaving less available to the plants. Low growing fruit and vegetables can be ruined when sat on soil due to feeding pests or splash covering them in dirt and increasing disease risk.

The product: An easy to use protective layer to place on top of the soil to prevent weed growth, removing the need for weeding after planting. Weed barrier is a biodegradable thick textured paper-like material made from unbleached European wood waste. Weed barrier can be used on both open and covered areas. It can be easily cut to a required size to cover a specific area of soil or container surface. Weed barrier offers additional benefits:

  • Cleaner crops by protecting low growing fruit and vegetable from soil.
  • Controls weed growth from underneath, whilst allowing water to drain through and nutrients to penetrate.
  • Conserves water by reducing water loss, making watering more efficient. Textured surface dries quickly reducing slug and snail surface activity.
  • Prevents cats digging in soil around plants.

How to use: After preparing the planting area, unroll Weed barrier to cover the required area. Edges of the sheet should be held down with soil, stones or pegs (not included). Cut holes in the sheet where plants or seeds are to be positioned and then plant. The structure of Weed barrier is breathable and permeable.