The problem: There are a range of flying insect pests which can be a problem for growing plants in greenhouses and cold frame. These include sciarid fly, whitefly, leaf miner, leaf hopper and aphids. These pests can be responsible for both direct and indirect damage to the plants, disease transmission as well as simply being a nuisance. 

The product: Yellow plastic sticky traps are exactly that. Made from a bright yellow plastic, designed for optimal insect attraction and to not fade when exposed to light and heat, and covered in dry to touch glue for no mess. These double-sided sticky traps can be easily hung out of the way and left to do their job.

Yellow plastic sticky traps do not contain any pesticides and are safe to children and pets.

  • Highly attractive shade of yellow
  • Designed to not fade when exposed to sunlight and heat
  • Does not contain chemical pesticides
  • Easy to setup with no maintenance required

How to use:

Yellow sticky traps should be placed in areas around plants to be protected.

  1. Pass included metal tie through one of the pre-cut holes in the sticky card
  2. Place trap by plant using metal tie
  3. Peel off white cover to expose the glue
  4. Check regularly