EWE STOP RUST® Grease 30ml
EWE STOP RUST® Grease 30ml

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EWE STOP RUST® Grease 30ml

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A small and convenient pocket-size tin of EWE STOP RUST Grease to easily have to hand or in a toolbox ready to help lubricate any moving part.

EWE STOP RUST Anti Corrosion Grease is the perfect solution for protecting moving bare metal parts from rust and corrosion.

Harnessing the natural properties of the oils found in sheep's wool, our non-toxic formula creates a protective barrier to keep rust at bay, while simultaneously aiding lubrication and adding water resistance.

Supplied in fully recyclable metal tins, our product protects metal parts from the elements.

Get EWE STOP RUST Anti Corrosion Grease today and be sure to keep your metal parts, moving and rust-free!

EWE STOP - Products that don't cost the earth!


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