InsectoSec® Poultry Care 2kg
InsectoSec® Poultry Care 2kg

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InsectoSec® Poultry Care 2kg

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Natural insecticide poultry mite treatment. Approved for use in UK to control red mite/chicken mite and suitable for use on organic chickens. The performance of diatomaceous earth now ready to use either added to dust baths or applied to the chicken coop as a dust in a puffer.

Fully-approved natural insecticide liquid containing diatomaceous earth (DE), now easier to apply to chicken housing and roosting areas. As an approved product InsectoSec has proven safety and performance.

Not all diatomaceous earths are made equal! InsectoSec is the highest quality product on the UK market and legally approved for use on chickens.

Product contains:

1 x 2kg ready-to-use resealable plastic bucket.


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