InsectoSec tape launch

InsectoSec tape launch

Andermatt Home and Garden has launched Insectosec® tape, a new, chemical-free, low-maintenance bed bug treatment.

Patented bed bug tape comes to the UK

Andermatt Home and Garden has launched Insectosec® tape, a new, chemical-free, low-maintenance bed bug treatment.

InsectoSec bed bug tape

Insectosec bed bug tape

Developed by research scientists and bed bug experts at Nattaro Labs in Sweden, InsectoSec® Tape is patented and a world-first in bed bug treatment technology. And it’s now been approved for use in the UK, giving users confidence in its safety and efficacy.

“Nattaro have good experience of working with the Andermatt Group in other markets, and we’re excited to introduce our patented product to the UK with a knowledgeable company that shares our values,” says Carl-Johan Gustafson CEO of Nattaro Labs.

The tape is hidden, non-toxic and causes zero disturbance to the bedroom. Simply stick the self-adhesive tape to the underside frame of the bed, forming a complete barrier, and carry-on life as normal.

The incredible lifetime of the tape, up to 2 years, provides an ideal long-term treatment against hardy critters which can live up to a year.

Bed bugs spend most of their time hiding in crevices, making them extremely hard to kill. Insectosec® tape solves this problem in a unique way by creating an attractive place for them to hide within the tape itself, using its patented folded wing shape.

Once they hide in or simply cross the tape, they pick up the natural powder, which dehydrates and kills them via a biological process.

Bed bug with Insectosec powder on it

Dried-out bed bug with Insectosec powder on it

It’s recommended to use after a professional pest control treatment has been applied in case any bugs are left over, especially as heat treatments often experience ‘cold spots’ and insecticide treatments don’t kill the eggs.

Home and hotel owners also have the chance for up to two years’ peace of mind by sticking the tape down as a preventative measure.

And since it’s not chemical, there’s no resistance issues, a huge problem with the chemical treatments.

“Insectosec® tape offers a low-cost, long-term solution for both pest controllers and home owners, no expertise required,” says Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt. “In a world where bed bugs are on the rise despite Covid-19, we see a huge market for this tape as a simple control measure.”

Insectosec tape is available to purchase from the Andermatt Home & Garden website

About Andermatt UK: A UK subsidiary of the Swiss company Andermatt (1988), we make natural, biological alternatives to pest control for home owners, gardeners, farmers and beekeepers. We have many unique, innovative and patented products.

About Nattaro Labs: Nattaro Labs is a Swedish company that carries out world-class research to develop innovative products and sustainable solutions to combat the growing global problem of bed bugs.


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