More sustainable packaging for Anhydrous Lanolin

More sustainable packaging for Anhydrous Lanolin

The drive to improve our sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint is at the core of our belief at Andermatt. We take pride not only in developing products which offer UK consumers more sustainable solutions, but also in the effort we go to when considering the complete package.

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Here it is quite literally the package, which has been improved. As part of our move to more sustainable options, Andermatt and partner CaplinTec announce the completion of a project to improve the sustainability of the packaging of our anhydrous lanolin.


The 100g pack of lanolin has moved from being packaged in single use white plastic pot, to an aluminium tin. Once used, the lanolin 100g tin container is now completely recyclable. We have also removed additional plastic from the new packaging with the plastic label previously used on the plastic pot being replaced with front and back paper sticker labels on the new tin.

Whist the packaging has changed, the lanolin product within remains the same. Lanolin extracted from sheep fleece here in the UK and processed and packaged in Wales. Our local production means a significantly lower travel carbon footprint compared to lanolins which have been imported from other countries around the world.

Whilst it would be ideal to have every product packaged in fully recycled and recyclable non-single use material, it is unfortunately not as simple as switching overnight. The primary aim of packaging is to ensure the contained product is kept safe and in good condition for the customer. With a significant part of our 100g lanolin supply being through mail order, safety during transit also needed to be considered which removed glass jars early on in this project.

“As well as developing sustainable products, this packaging project shows how committed we are to improving the overall sustainability of our products.” Said Kevin Caplin CTO and Managing Director CaplinTec.

“Improving the sustainability of this one product line may be a small step, but it is yet another step in Andermatt journey to be a more sustainable manufacturer and ultimately a carbon neutral company” says Dr Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt.

As well as the 100g unit, lanolin is also supplied as standard in 250g containers. Larger volumes as well as bulk supply for use as an ingredient are also available, contact us for more information.

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