Varrox EDDY launch

Varrox EDDY launch

Andermatt Home and Garden has launched Varrox EDDY, a new oxalic acid vaporiser to tackle the common varroa mite pest that affects honey bees.

Andermatt launches a new, unique oxalic acid vaporiser for beekeepers

Andermatt Home and Garden has launched Varrox EDDY, a new oxalic acid vaporiser to tackle the common varroa mite pest that affects honey bees.

Varrox EDDY

Varrox EDDY

In a beekeeping-first, it incorporates its own power-source, providing compact and portable power with a built-in lithium-ion battery.

“This is pretty much the best battery you can buy if you’re a big power tool fan like me,” says Gruffydd Rees from Gwenyn Gruffydd, producer of award-winning Welsh honey. “I think this is a fantastic invention, a fantastic way to treat your hives, and obviously a first generation using a lithium-ion battery. I can only see this technology getting better, with batteries being more powerful and holding more charge.”

The EDDY is the evolution of its popular predecessor, the Varrox. The Varrox was the original oxalic acid vaporiser, the first device that enabled bee keepers to apply oxalic acid crystals to their hives.

The EDDY employs an innovative induction ring to heat the oxalic acid crystals, making the application more efficient and safer for the bee keeper.

It comes in a sleek, compact case, which contains everything needed to apply oxalic acid to your hive. You don’t have to worry about fuel, carrying heavy generators or car batteries, or tripping over cables.

This case also has extra space for a spare battery, giving you the option to double the treatment capacity.

Varrox EDDY case

Varrox EDDY case

The one-button control makes treatment straightforward, and the sophisticated LED light system gives clear instructions when in use.

Varrox is a tried-and-trusted brand, and this elite device will last many years.

On full charge, there is enough power to treat 10-15 colonies, and the convenient battery LED display tells you how much power is left in the battery.

It’s also much safer for the bee keeper, giving you the option to push the start button and move away from the hive to a safe distance from any oxalic acid vapours.

“One of the key safety features of this product is that you can insert it into your hive entrances, press the button, and you can go and stand 30 or 40 metres away,” says Laurence Edwards at Black Mountain Honey. “It completely eliminates all of your exposure to oxalic acid sublimate and there’s nothing like that on the market.”

“We are excited to be bringing the Varrox EDDY to the world of bee keeping,” says Dylan Devaney, Bee Health Specialist at Andermatt UK. “This vaporiser is a pioneering new tool for the bee keeper that uses oxalic acid to impact the varroa mite populations in your hive. Using technology that is fresh to bee keeping, the EDDY will be a welcome advantage to any bee keeper looking to get the better of varroa.”

The Varrox EDDY is available to buy on the Andermatt Home and Garden website.

About Andermatt UK: A UK subsidiary of the Swiss company Andermatt (1988), we make natural, biological alternatives to pest control for home owners, gardeners, farmers and beekeepers. We have many unique, innovative and patented products.