Nattaro Scout launch

Nattaro Scout launch

Andermatt Home and Garden has launched Nattaro Scout™ for the consumer market, the most accurate bed bug trap trusted by professionals.

Patented bed bug trap comes to the UK consumer market

Andermatt Home and Garden has launched Nattaro Scout™ for the consumer market, the most accurate bed bug trap trusted by professionals.

Nattaro Scout bed bug trap

Nattaro Scout bed bug trap


Developed by research scientists and bedbug experts at Nattaro Labs over many years in Sweden, Nattaro Scout is patented and a world-first in bedbug detection technology.

Bed bugs spend most of their time hiding in crevices, making them extremely hard to detect. The first and often only symptom is the presence of bites, leaving most people unsure whether they’re dealing with fleas, bedbugs, mosquitos, or some other critter.

Nattaro Scout is the most accurate bed bug monitoring trap, allowing confirmation of a bed bug infestation at lower populations than competitors. Early detection and treatment is crucial for a bed bug infestation.

What makes it so accurate?

The patented volcano design is different to the rest of the market. Rough outer slopes allow the bug to climb up the walls and drop into the volcano centre. Once inside, the smooth inner walls and steep angle means it cannot climb out.

A patent is also pending for the lure inside the volcano, which is a unique mix of bed bug attractant pheromones and kairomones. The combination includes an aggregation kairomone, which is a scent naturally given off by bed bugs to tell others that this is a safe place to go rest.

nattaro scout lure

Nattaro Scout bed bug lure

This combination allows it to attract and trap bed bugs at all developmental stages, and both genders. Most other bed bug traps use only pheromones, which only attracts the male bed bug. Others use no attractant at all, and simply try to make an attractive hiding place with a narrow crevice-like design.

Nattaro Scout has long been trusted by professionals, as pest controllers will often leave clients with Nattaro Scout traps post-treatment to make sure the bed bugs have completely gone, and detect any repeat infestations early on for more effective treatment.

“We’re very proud to be chosen by Nattaro Scout to be the UK supplier for the consumer market”, says Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt UK. “This allows homeowners to bypass pest controllers and purchase the traps for themselves, as well as purchase the refill lures for traps given to them by pest professionals after a treatment.”

The trap is completely pesticide and insecticide-free, meaning it's safe to use in your home including for pets and children.

Bed bug trap under bed

They're also very easy to set-up, with no mess or glue. Simply place the trap under the bed and replace the lure inside once a month. And don’t worry, they’re completely unaffected by dust.

Lure refills can be purchased separately to make your trap last years.

Nattaro Scout is available to purchase from the Andermatt Home&Garden website

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