BioFleece 18 Launch

BioFleece 18 Launch

After the massively successfulĀ recentĀ launch of ourĀ BioFleeceĀ®Ā 30,Ā whichĀ is now in several RHSĀ garden centres,Ā Andermatt are now launchingĀ BioFleeceĀ®Ā 18, a lighter weight fleeceĀ of 18 gsmĀ (grams per square meter)Ā instead of 30 gsm.

After the massively successful recent launch of our BioFleeceĀ® 30, which is now in several RHS garden centres, Andermatt are now launching BioFleeceĀ® 18, a lighter weight fleece of 18 gsm (grams per square meter) instead of 30 gsm. Lighter weight fleeces let more light through, but still offer milder frost protection down to -1Ā°C, ideal for the late spring and early autumn months.Ā 

It also traps a warm pocket of air around the plants, making a better growing environment, especially for young plants and seedlings. Ideal for use when sowing or for protecting and enhancing seedlings during early season growth.Ā 

Just like BioFleeceĀ® 30, BioFleeceĀ® 18 is made from plants instead of petroleum. The PLA material from which BioFleece is made from is derived from corn starch. It is fully biodegradable, making it a very eco-friendly option for those that donā€™t want plastic remaining in landfill or breaking down into micro-plastics and contaminating the environment.Ā Ā 

BioFleeceĀ® comes as a 2 x 10 m sheet and can easily be cut to size with scissors, and lasts at least 2 years in the soil.Ā 

ā€œWeā€™re very excited to release BioFleeceĀ® 18 to give gardeners even more sustainable options to cover all their frost fleece needs without them having to resort to plastic,ā€ says Dr Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt Home & Garden. ā€œAlong with our InsectoNet, we have the for the first time given gardeners a completely plastic-free range of fleece and netting.ā€Ā 

Since Andermatt are committed to sustainability in all areas, the packaging is also 100% recyclable.Ā 

Andermatt will be showcasing both BioFleeceĀ® options at Gardenerā€™s World Live in June.Ā 


About Andermatt: Originally setup in Switzerland over 35 years ago by Drs Martin and Isabel Andermatt, the Andermatt Group now has a global footprint. Inspired by nature, and with a belief in providing more sustainable solutions, Andermatt are a global leaders in manufacturing and producing more environmentally sustainable solutions. The UK-based subsidiary is led by Dr Andrew Brown. Setup in 2017 it aims to bring to market products for use around the garden and home which help lower the environemntal footprint of our hobbies. Discover more atā€Æā€ÆĀ 

Further information: sam.sturley at andermattuk dot comā€ÆĀ