New BioFleece in RHS garden centres

New BioFleece in RHS garden centres

BioFleece®, an innovative new plastic-free frost fleece, is now on sale at RHS Wisley, Harlow, Bridgewater and Roseford.

BioFleece®, an innovative new plastic-free frost fleece, is now on sale at RHS Wisley, Harlow, Bridgewater and Roseford.

 BioFleece plastic-free frost fleece in-store on the shelf at RHS Wisley garden centre

Natalie Beck, Plant Centre Team Leader, Retail, RHS and Robbe di Nardo,
Sales Manager at Andermatt Home & Garden at RHS Wisley

Damian Powell, the RHS’s head of retail, says: “We are very pleased to have added the Andermatt Biofleece® to our range at the RHS Garden Centres. This is an effective product which is made from plant based material and therefore adds to our growing range of sustainable gardening products.”

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the leading horticultural society in the UK. Gardeners across the UK trust them for reliable gardening advice, and they are often at the forefront of the latest gardening developments.

Which is why they’re backing BioFleece®, a 100% biodegradable fleece.

BioFleece® looks and feels like traditional fleece material, but is actually made from plants instead of petroleum.

BioFleece plastic-free frost fleece up-close on an allotment covering lettuce

BioFleece® 30

Classified as a heavy-duty frost fleece, it protects your plants down to -5°C. The material is extremely high-quality and can be easily cut to size with scissors without fraying. It comes in a 2x10 m pack size and lasts at least 2 years.

BioFleece® 30 gives the same protection as a 30 gsm plastic fleece, without the environmental cost of both making it and waiting for it to break down after use. With interest in plastic-free gardening on the rise, this gives gardeners a much-needed option for eco-friendly frost protection.

Since Andermatt are committed to sustainability in all areas, the packaging is also 100% recyclable.

BioFleece 30 frost fleece recyclable packaging

BioFleece 100% recyclable packaging

Dr Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt Home and Garden, says “We are very excited that RHS have started to stock BioFleece® 30. Creating more sustainable solutions for gardeners is at the core of Andermatt’s belief, and this plastic-free frost fleece is our latest example of this. It has been great to see the enthusiasm the Royal Horticultural Society have for bringing more environmentally-sensitive products such as BioFleece® to visitors of their RHS garden shops.”


Date: 26.01.24

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