Tap Trap launch

Tap Trap launch

Tap Trap allows any standard bottle to be converted into a wasp trap.

Tap Trap allows any standard bottle to be converted into a wasp trap.

tap trap wasp trap

Its compact design makes it an ideal portable wasp trap, offering the convenience of being able to create a highly effective wasp trap on the go in any situation.

tap trap wasp trap

Ideal for taking on holiday, camping or caravanning where space is limited. It can also easily be stored for use around the house and garden.

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Tap Trap is simply clipped onto the top of a standard drink bottle. The drink bottle can then have any wasp or hornet attractant added.

liquid wasp attractant

The bright yellow Tap Trap is ideal used with Andermatt’s Liquid Wasp Attractant, which has a built in bee-deterrent to prevent beneficial pollinators being attracted to the insect trap. The funnel design of the Tap Trap allows wasps and hornets attracted access into the trap, but prevents them from escaping.

After use, the drinks bottle can be discarded or emptied and recycled and the Tap Trap re-used.

The loop in the top of the Tap Trap gives the flexibility to allow the trap to be setup as either a standing or hanging trap.

tap trap wasp trap hanging from a tree in a garden

Tap Trap have announced Andermatt as their new distribution partner for the UK market. “We are excited to expand our activities in the UK market with this new exclusive distribution relationship with Andermatt for our eco-friendly insect trap products in the UK market” says Maura Rizzo, Export Manager at Ditta Carello Roberto Di Bellini Vanda.

“This is a great new relationship with Ditta Carello Roberto, and we are looking forward to supporting their products in the UK market. Tap Trap provides a flexible wasp trap that both our Home & Garden and Beekeeping customers will find useful” says Dr Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt UK.

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