Compact Box tree moth trap + CaterComb
Photo of a full Box tree moth trap kit, included with packaging, a trap and a lure.
Compact Box tree moth trap + CaterComb
A graphic illustration of a box tree moth trap label.
Photo and diagram of a box tree moth trap and its timescale.
Diagram depicting the prevented cycle of a moth, now stopped by the required trap.
Graphic step-by-step illustration of how to use a box tree moth trap.
Photo and graphic illustration of a before and after comparison of using a moth trap.
Graphic illustration showing the timescale of a box tree moth trap, as well as replacement.
Photo of a lure being inserted into the top of the pheromone trap.
Photo of an adult box moth.
Photo of an opened pheromone lure.
Compact Box tree moth trap + CaterComb
Compact Box tree moth trap + CaterComb
Compact Box tree moth trap + CaterComb

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Compact Box tree moth trap + CaterComb

Sale price£19.95

Great for yourself or as a gift, contains everything you need to keep those pesky box caterpillars away from your bushes, without the use of harmful chemicals.

This powerful kit which tackles both life stages of the adult moths and caterpillars. This will help to ensure your buxus stays green and healthy over the spring and summer months.

  • Compact Box Tree Moth Trap¬†- hang in/by your box plant, the natural pheromone lures in the adult moths. Includes lure.
  • CaterComb¬†-¬†a biodegradable, plant-based comb to easily physically remove box caterpillars from your bushes - no more laborious hand-picking!

Comes in minimal packaging with full instructions. Bee and beneficial-insect friendly.


When is it best to use? 


When adult moths are flying

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Denise Davis
Box tree Moth catcher

Put up in the tree near buxus hedges. On returning home, no liquid left...its leaking!!!

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Premium bayonet design

Easier to use and more secure than strap models.

Great value

Lure included, with free next day delivery.

Minimal packaging

We keep all packaging to a minimum. Full instructions are included on the packaging to save paper.


about the product

The Box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis) is a devastating pest of box plants (Boxus spp.). Caterpillar feed on the leaves, which can result in complete defoliation and die back of the plant.

1. Add 5 cm of water and a drop of detergent to the base
2. Open the pheromone lure sachet and place it in the cage at the top.
3. Hang the trap 1.5 ‚Äď 2.0 meters above the ground.
4. Replace the lure every 6 weeks (refills available).
5. Check the trap regularly for moths. Empty and replace the water.

When adult moths are flying, April to October.

How does a box tree moth trap work?

The lure inside emits the female box tree moth pheromone, which attracts the male. The male gets caught in the trap and dies. This prevents breeding and egg laying, and in turn the hatching of more caterpillars.

how to use

1. Insert lure

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