GroPure Lawn Care
GroPure Lawn Care
GroPure Lawn Care
GroPure Lawn Care
GroPure Lawn Care
GroPure Lawn Care

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GroPure Lawn Care

Sale price£6.55

Are you tired of strong-smelling sludge when using organic fertilisers?

Or perhaps you've never tried organics, because they don't produce the same results?

Then you might want to try GroPure:

  • Has all the power of a chemical fertiliser, but from an organic source - this is due to a revolutionary new extraction process that is able to extract the nutrients from the plants before bottling
  • Near odourless and colourless - no thick, brown sludge to deal with!
  • Sustainable – organic and vegan, made from natural plant waste in a circular system

With GroPure, fertiliser will never be the same. Traditional organic and chemical fertilisers both have their drawbacks, but GroPure brings the best of both worlds with a breakthrough extraction process.

This process enables the NPK and micronutrients to be handpicked and optimised for the plant, as well as readily-available for the plant to use.

Because Andermatt are committed to sustainability, the bottles come in both recycled and recyclable packaging too (even the lids).

GroPure Lawn Care is a complete blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) with micronutrients micronutrients specifically designed for lawns to support lush green growth.

Check out the rest of the GroPure range: All-Purpose, Fruit & Vegetables and House Plants.

When is it best to use? 

Best used in warmer months when grass is actively growing.

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