New Product Bundle
New Product Bundle
New Product Bundle
New Product Bundle

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New Product Bundle

Sale price£13.77
Size:Small - 0.5L GroPure + 5L SlugLess

Great for yourself or as a gift, our New Product Bundle will help keep your garden luscious, healthy and pest-free this spring/summer. Features a unique organic feed, along with a powerful organic slug deterrent and soil improver.

Now is the perfect time to add a feed to your growing plants and put down a slug deterrent to stop those slugs munching on new growth!

  • GroPure Organic fertiliser - a new and completely unique liquid organic and vegan plant feed, made from plant waste with the nutrients cleverly extracted to give the power of a chemical fertiliser
  • SlugLess -¬†a 3x organic combo of straw, egg shell and biochar to deter slugs, the pellets actually expand to form a uncrossable mat. Not only that, the mat suppresses weeds and the biochar and nutrients actually help your plants and soil too.

Save 10% by buying the two together. Available in small or large sizes. Comes in either recycled or recyclable packaging.


When is it best to use? 

GroPure can used when plants are growing and in need of feed. SlugLess can be used year round to keep slugs away.

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Andermatt was founded over 30 years ago by two PhD students, Mr and Mrs Andermatt, who created the world's first plant-protecting baculovirus.

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