The problem:

Correct application of beneficial insect predators is the most important factor affecting their performance. Safely placing MightyBugs close to the pest insects you are wanting them to control makes it easier for them to hunt and eat ultimately giving faster control.

Some MightyBug natural predators are delivered in packets containing free-flowing material such as bran, vermiculite, popcorn or buckwheat. This free-flowing material needs to be applied to the area where treatment is required, this can be done by gently sprinkling the pack contents over the leaves of the plant, or by adding it to distribution boxes which are then hung from plants. Use of distribution boxes removes the risk of the beneficial predators falling from the leaves they are applied to and onto the floor.


The product:

MightyBug – Distribution boxes are easy to assemble hanging card boxes. The predator distribution boxes are suitable for use on any plant where the built-in hanger allows the boxes to be hung from plant leaves or branches.

MightyBug – Distribution boxes can be used with any MightyBug products which come as free flowing material and need to be applied by being gently sprinkled onto the plants they are being used to protect. This includes:

Ladybird larvae – MightyBug Ladybird larvae Natural and Mighty Aphid Killer.

Ladybird adults – MightyBug Ladybird adults Natural and Mighty Aphid Killer.

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri larvae - MightyBug - Mealybug killer

Chrysoperla carnea larvae - MightyBug – Chrysoperla Natural and Mighty Aphid Killer.

Amblyseius cucumeris predatory mites – MightyBug - Cucumeri Mighty and Natural Thrip Killer

Phytoseiulus persimilis predatory mites - MightyBug – Phytoseiulus Natural and Mighty Spider Mite Killer   

As with all of the MightyBug range, are safe for children, pets, wildlife and the plants you are lovingly tending.


How to use:

The MightyBug – Distribution box is suitable for use with any beneficial insect product.

Supplied as a flat box, the distribution box can be constructed by folding in and securing the base. No glue or tape is required.

Add the required amount of MightyBug predators to the distribution box and then hang the distribution box from a leaf, branch or stem of the plant.

Predatory mite and insect distribution boxes should be evenly spaced within the area the MightyBug natural predators are going to be used. MightyBug Distribution boxes should be positioned one per plant.

The distribution boxes should be positioned so that they are out of direct sunlight, to help keep the predators cool.

The distribution boxes should be either placed in the middle of the plant being protected for general activity, or for quicker control of high pest pressure placed close to the pest insects being targeted.

Only one MightyBug predator species should be added to a distribution box at a time.

After the MightyBugs are added to the distribution box, they will leave to hunt pest insects. Once the distribution box is empty, it can either be reused for the same or different MightyBugs in future.

Distribution boxes are designed to be used with MightyBug predators which do not like to be on soil and therefore the distribution boxes should not be placed on the ground. Note: There is no need to use distribution boxes with MightyBug – Hypoaspis Natural and Mighty Sciard Fly Killer because this predatory mite likes to live in the soil and can be applied directly to it.