National Honey Show 2022 write-up

National Honey Show 2022 write-up

Dylan writes about his experience of the National Honey Show this year

The active bee keeping season is (mostly) over and year has trundled onto the end of October; que the jewel in the bee keeping calendar the National Honey Show.

national honey show

It was great to be back at this prestigious event, being there gave us the chance to talk to bee keepers of different experience levels about varroa control and how our bee health products can help them with overall colony health.

We were at stand number 33 in the trade hall throughout the Honey Show and were showcasing our newest VMD registered varroa treatment, Formicpro from our partners across the water NOD global.

national honey show andermatt stand

There was a lot of good feedback from customers who use our varroa treatments but especially about Formic Pro. Many bee keepers who favour MAQS on their hives opted to go for Formic pro instead and reported excellent results. The change in formulation of the strip means Formic pro has a shelf life twice the length of MAQS and does not need to be stored below temperature dependant storage restrictions.

andermatt bee health at the national honey show

Lots of bee keepers bought Formic pro in preparation for next year and some were even considering applying it now as it is unseasonably mild; I have checked my mite load and thankfully I don’t have to treat immediately. I will treat with oxalic acid in winter and will be using our unique oxalic acid vapouriser the Varrox EDDY. This is becoming a go to vapouriser for the modern bee keeper; one bee keeper who was so happy with the EDDY he bought a second EDDY from us for use beside his first one. Oxuvar was also a popular choice for the upcoming winter treatment. Bee keepers were interested to hear about the versatile use of Oxuvar as a spray in the spring on brood less colonies and swarms.

oxuvar spray or trickle winter varroa treatment

We are now looking forward to seeing everyone at the next bee keeping shows coming up in February 2023 which is not far away, The British Beekeeping Show and The Beekeeping Show.

We are particularly excited for The Beekeeping Show new for 2023. This is a new venue and is bound to be an excellent addition to the bee keeping calendar. We will have exclusive offers for these shows to get you ready for the new season so come along and say hello, we are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Dylan, Andermatt Bee Health.