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Tap Trap Fly Kit (x2)Tap Trap Fly Kit (x2)
Tap Trap Fly Kit (x2)
Sale price£8.49
Photo of a full Box tree moth trap kit, included with packaging, a trap and a lure.A graphic illustration of a box tree moth trap label.
Compact Box tree moth trap
Sale price£17.55
Box tree moth pheromone label.Photo of an opened pheromone lure.
Box tree moth trap refill
Sale price£5.99
Raspberry beetle trap
Raspberry beetle trap
Sale price£21.99
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer KitMightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
MightyNem® Sciarid Fly Killer Kit
Sale priceFrom £10.95
Photo of Codling moth trap packaging.Photo of a codling moth trap being hung from a tree.
Codling moth trap
Sale price£10.35
Photo of Codling moth trap packaging.Photo of trapped codling moths thanks to a pheromone lure.
Codling moth trap refill
Sale price£5.95
Photo of Nattaro Scout Bed Bug Kit, including packaged lures and traps.Photo of a bed bug volcano trap.
Photo of Plum Moth Trap outside.Photo of opened lure.
Plum moth trap refill
Sale price£5.95
Liquid Wasp AttractantLiquid Wasp Attractant
Liquid Wasp Attractant
Sale priceFrom £9.99
Photo of Plum Moth Trap packaging label.Graphic design of step by step process of setting up the Plum Moth Trap.
Plum moth trap
Sale price£10.35
Photo of Wasp Trap packaging.Photo of a wasp trap hanging on a garden fence.
Wasp Trap (2 traps)
Sale price£26.35
Photo of a mole trap planted outside.TopCat
Sale priceFrom £2.49
Photo of a Drosal Pro Kit label.Photo of a full Drosa kit. The kit contains 5 Drosal® Pro traps and 1 L DrosaLure liquid attractant.
Drosal® Pro kit
Sale price£29.05
Photo of Raspberry beetle trap packaging.Photo of Raspberry Beetle Trap attractant.
Photo of a bottle of drosalure.Photo of a strawberry affected by Spotted Wing Drosophila, as seen by its 'collapsed' appearance.
DrosaLure SWD Attractant
Sale price£15.65
Photo of a bed bug lure being opened.Photo of Bed Bug Lure Packaging.
Compact Chafer beetle trap attractantCompact Chafer beetle trap attractant
Compact Chafer beetle trapCompact Chafer beetle trap
Compact Chafer beetle trap
Sale price£26.35
Thrips TrapThrips Trap
Thrips Trap
Sale price£8.55
Photo and graphic of the topsnap-trap, including information.Graphic packaging of the topsnap trap.
Sale price£50.98
Photo of a Rebell Carrot Fly Trap outside.Photo of a Rebell Carrot Fly Trap outside.
Rebell® Carrot Fly Trap
Sale price£38.59
Photo of Rebell White Trap hanging and blending in with tree blossoms.Photo of various dead sawfly.
Rebell® White Trap
Sale price£30.98